Can You Really Trust FDA Approved Diet Pills?

June 7, 2022 0 Comments

America is a country that goes by the slogan “In God We Trust.” Liars. It truly is an empty slogan. Of all places, that slogan is on the American currency. In this country, money is the root of all evil. When it comes to FDA approved diet pills, it’s not different. Pharmaceutical companies lobby for the FDA’s stamp of approval by funding it millions of dollars – all in an effort to get their diet pills approved. Unfortunately, the FDA can be bought if the price is high enough – and it often is. There have been many FDA approved diet pills that have caused thousands of deaths – deaths that could have been avoided.

The Phen-Fen Catastrophe

Phen-Fen is a combination of two drugs – fenfluramine and phentermine. They were marketed separately during the 70s, but in the 90s a “study” showed it provided long term successful phentemrine amazon weight loss when both drugs were combined. Although there are claims that Phen-Fen was distributed without the sanction of the FDA, it is difficult to believe that claim. Supposedly, doctors began dispensing the drug without permission from the FDA. Phen-Fen worked to decrease appetite and at the same time give you a feeling of fullness (a dieter’s dream). It suddenly became a dieter’s nightmare. Thousands of people began dying of heart attacks and strokes because of the drug and many lawsuits ensued. Can you really trust the FDA after that? I didn’t.

The Aftermath

When they took the FDA approved diet pill off the market, many attorneys began placing ads to represent all those who had suffered serious injury as a result of the ill fated FDA approved diet pill, Phen-Fen. But whom do you sue? The FDA who ignored the original research findings, the doctors who dispensed the medication, or the clinics that eagerly dispensed the medication? Do we blame society and the media for creating unrealistic ideas of beauty so that women and men flock to their physicians in the hope of a magic pill that will make them “acceptable?” How about the media that aggressively advertised the product? Where does the buck stop?