Interview with Tim Friedlander – Author of “The Playdate Kids: Island Potty Party”

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The Playdate Kids: Island Potty Party
by Tim Friedlander
Playdate Kids (2007)
ISBN 9781933721156
Explored by Stephanie and Parish (age 3) and Isaac (age 1) Rollins for Reader Views (5/07)

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Today, Tyler R. Tichelaar of Reader Views is meeting Tena Fanning, writer of “The Playdate Kids: Booger Boogie” and lyricist for the going with CD. We are additionally joined by Tim Friedlander, who formed the music for the CD.

Tim has a Bachelor’s certificate in Music Performance with a minor in Psychology. He is right now dealing with a Master’s certification in Music Education. Tim is the writer and author of the initial two Playdate Kids books “I Like Me” and “Island Potty Party”. For the third book, “Goober Boogie”, he made the music while Tena Fanning composed the book and verses. Tena Fanning has been the prime supporter, designer and maker for a portion of the world’s driving music recordings and plugs displayed on MTV, VH1, FUSE, CBS, NBC, ABC, as well as debut worldwide organizations which soar her organization to the top in the creation field.

Much obliged to you, Tena and ABC kids Tim, for going along with me today. I should say I love the possibility of the “Goober Boogie”. I don’t have offspring of my own, yet I distinctively review being in school as a youngster and large numbers of different kids disliking snot trickling out of their noses. I’m certain your book will fill a requirement for guardians and educators.

Tyler: Tena, I realize you’ve had a ton of business outcome in other multi-media fields. What caused you to choose to become engaged with composing for youngsters?

Tena: I felt the time had come to reward the world. With more than twenty years of innovative administration experience, I feel sure I can rehash my past business accomplishment with “The Playdate Kids”, and I’m excited to be important for something that looks to work on the existences of youngsters all over.

Tyler: Tena, would you be able to let us know a smidgen about where you concocted the thought for the book?

Tena: My sweetheart is a third grade instructor and she said her understudies like to pick their noses in class. So I concocted a great method for giving an example on private cleanliness with “Goober Boogie”. “The Booger Boogie” is the actual demonstration of snatching a tissue.

Tyler: Tim, I realize you are a gifted artist, both as an author and as an entertainer. You play the clarinet and guitar, and you are a voiceover craftsman, just to give some examples of your melodic achievements. With such a wide scope of ability, what caused you to choose to compose music for youngsters?

Tim: My work with Tena on “The Playdate Kids” was a cheerful mishap. As a craftsman I am continuously searching for new open doors and better approaches to learn. A couple of years prior I was offered an incredible chance by Tena to take a shot at a couple of children’s tunes and the outcomes have been astonishing.

Tyler: What is it about music that you figure makes it a compelling method for instructing kids?

Tena: Music carries levity to the example and makes recollecting the text simple. The children can rerun the illustration again and again to them by singing the verses, in this way making the example stick.

Tim: The incredible thing about music is that it has no age limit. Through music you can educate and pass along examples in a manner that is straightforward. It’s intense training a child to clean out their nose, however put that in a tune with an incredible beat and an extraordinary song and it turns into significantly simpler and substantially more charming.

Tyler: I get it “Goober Boogie” is the third book in “The Playdate Kids” series. Would you be able to educate us a little regarding the other two books?

Tim: The other two books are “I Like Me” which manages body issues and positive confidence, and “Island Potty Party” which assist with showing potty preparation.

Tyler: What kind of reactions have you gotten from guardians, instructors, or youngsters in regards to the “Goober Boogie”?

Tim: Usually the underlying reaction is all things considered “gross” or an apprehensive giggle. In any case, whenever they have seen the book and heard the tune the reactions have been incredible. A many individuals have commented about how straightforward and powerful the “Goober Boogie” illustration truly is. Simply get yourself a tissue and blow it out!

Tena: At the Los Angeles Festival of Books this previous month we had the chance to interface with many guardians and children. The guardians thought it was silly and the children enjoyed the beautiful pages and infectious fun beat.

Tyler: The analyst of “The Playdate Kids: Booger Boogie” around here at Reader Views said when she put in the CD her youngsters, ages one and three, both began moving immediately. Tena, could you impart to us a couple of the verses that kids see as generally tempting?

Tena: Confidence is based on reaffirmation of something recognizable, so the verses (Don’t wipe it on the love seat, don’t place it in your mouth) the children viewed as alluring. As I watch their faces I see a look of independence as they read or sing these verses, in all likelihood since they have been informed this by their folks and know about the cleanliness rule.

Tyler: Do both of you have kids yourselves and what have been their reactions to the book?

Tena: I for one don’t have children however I believe I am only one major child myself. I love playing, perusing and the organization of kids. Above all I love to pay attention to what children need to say. They are the unadulterated embodiment of this planet.