The New Article Marketing – Bum Marketing On Steroids

May 10, 2022 0 Comments

The new article marketing.

There is something that now ‘out-do’ article marketing, and that is video submissions. Stick with me in this article and you’ll learn just how quick and simple it is to bring big traffic with video submissions.

3 Big Tips:

#1 Remember keywords. It’s not just about submitting as many videos as you can. Just like the traditional ‘bum marketing’, targeting keywords in order to rank high in the SERPS can bring an enormous amount of traffic.

It doesn’t take too much effort to optimize either. Simply use the keyword phrase as the first part in the video description, the name of the video file, and the first words of the title. Easy.

#2 It’s a numbers game. Use video submitting software, or online submitting services to distribute each video over multiple video sites. When it comes to search engines like Google, it seems to pick and choose which video site will get ranked for the keyword. Submitting to multiple sites will vastly improve your chances of one of the video’s becoming ranked.

#3 Backlinks. Solid search engine rankings. Optimizing for the keyword may not be enough. Just like article marketing, or ranking any webpage in the search engine, you need backlinks to beat competitors and make Crazy Bulk Stacks the listing stay up there on page one.

Simply optimizing and leaving it at that may only give you very temporary search rankings at best. Pointing a few backlinks towards the video url(s) will make a big difference.

Note 1: For about 75% of your backlinks, use the keyword phrase as the anchortext.

Note 2: You can wait until after trying tip #2 to see which site is getting the most attention for the one video you submitted (video upload sites like TubeMogul show you statistics at a quick glance). Then concentrate any backlinks onto that one winner.

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